Indiaunited Weekly Contest #1, My Dream Destination, The Maldives!

If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

I have always dreamt! As a child and even now, I have continued to weave a World of fantasies through the years, of my dream house, my dream car, my dream career and of course my dream travel destinations. One of the dreams I'm eagerly waiting to turn into reality is my taking a trip to my favourite travel destination, which is The Maldives.

I can't really say when I became so fascinated, to the point of obsession, of this whole idea of getting away to this idyllic paradise, maybe it's the pictures of its luxurious Beaches captured on the wallpapers adorning my room back in school or the numerous shots captured by Kester's camera along with captivating stories told (kester is my neighbour's cousin, living in the Maldives and who often sends these dazzlingly spectacular picture-perfect photos of this Coral Island).

I have oftentimes gone to the internet myself, to browse this enchanting Island, the beautiful resorts and tourist's attractions, and I would close my eyes and dream of being catapulted there somehow, to explore and to experience pure pleasure in this slice of Paradise.

I would dream of arriving Male, the capital City of The Maldives with my husband and the love of my life, and then taking a Sea plane ride to any of those exotic resorts scattered on the Island.


Then I would laze away in the sanctuary of a dreamy and luxurious overwater bungalow like this one below, watching the clear blue Skies and listening to the calming sounds of the rolling Indian Ocean.


Lounging on this wicker furniture, watching and admiring some beautiful Marine life, with the Palm fronds swaying gently to the movement of the fresh air.


Relaxation for two inside the bin rest, with the Cool Ocean breeze lulling us to sleep or walking hand in hand, barefooted, along the sandy shores.


Trying out the different cuisines would be my uttermost pleasure.


These cocktails wouldn't be an exception, I would sip them everywhere I go.

I would watch those fiery orange sunsets from the comfort of my overwater bedroom. Oh how I would love to watch those Sunsets in Maldives.


I would love to be free to breathe the air of freedom. For at least thirty days, I would have one of the most wonderful and exhilarating time of my life, snorkeling, surfing, sailing, sleeping under the stars, going for spas, eating healthy, watching Marine life and much more, a dream come true experience.


But this is reality; I know I can't afford a trip to The Maldives no matter how hard I try because it's damn too expensive and I don't see myself making such amount of money for a holiday, except of course a miracle happens.😊

And you know what? Miracles do happen!

Thank you @indiaunited for this contest.

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