Who am I?

“Ayye Chotu!! Jaldi chai laa. Sar dard se phata jaa raha hain.”
I asked for tea. My first tea from the cafe after 9 days of fasting. Had been on fruits and water. Now is the chance to enjoy a very nice soothing tea.
The cafe was loud even with just three customers. Something different today.
Is it the colour? No, I think it's always been light blue.
Maybe the ceiling fan. Huh!! This was the first time in 3years I paid attention to the ceiling fan.
It was Old Bajaj PSPO model. Good fan, but old. The blades were dull, rotating slowly. Creaking.
“Saar Tea.” The waiter placed a cup on the table and walked back to the kitchen. Disappeared in the smoke.
“Hi, Beta.!!!” said the voice that I hadn’t heard in years…
He pulled the chair and sat beside me.
Raised his hand gesturing for a cup of tea. And shouted “Sugarless”.
He looked just the same as I remembered him. Was wearing his favourite blue-brown checked shirt, with a little ink stain in the pocket. Chubby cheeks and a wonderful smile. His lucky bag was still on his shoulder. Nothing changed.
Not sure how much time had passed because the waiter placed another cup.
“Dad!!! How?” I managed to ask the only sane question.
Of all the things in the world, I wasn't expecting my Dad who passed away years ago to visit me in a cafe.
“I am sorry, Are you not feeling well?” He asked.
“Um… um… u…” I was trying to speak but something wasn't right. I lost all the sensation in my body.
All the noises died. Looked at the street through the glass. It was empty. We were alone in the cafe. I was panicking.
“How?” I was still asking the question.
“Are you not happy to see me?” He asked.
“Of course I am. I mean... I am just. Whaa..” I was struggling to formulate the question but finally, I asked… “Am I dead?”
“Gadha the!! Gadhe hi rahoge.” He replied laughing. (Eng Trans. - You were a donkey, and will remain one.)
“How are you?” I asked knowing that it just a dream. But not everyone is lucky enough to have a chance to meet someone who is no longer around.
“And to whom you asked?” He asked me a question.
“This is a dream. Right?”
“Does it matter?” He asked another one.
“Not really.” I paused. “Who are you?”
“If it doesn't matter, why bother asking? Can’t we just enjoy the tea?” He replied with another question.

“Arey #@%$* Kya milya hain be iss chai mein?” I wanted to grab Chotu by the neck and ask him. Eng Trans. (What's in this tea?)
But that would be of no use now.

“Why did you order Sugarless?” I asked,
“Part of the package.” ‘Not Dad’ replied pointing to his appearance. Sipping on the sugarless tea.

“What should I call you?” I asked again. “I do not want to call you Dad.”
“But you already call me with so many names.” His answer prompted many other questions in my mind.

Is he God? Devil? Spirit? Ghost?.. And the list of supernatural continued in my brain.
“Why are you so fixated to define me?” He replied.

“I mean everything that exists has a name. Let it materialistic or something beyond.” I asked.
“OK, I will give you hints. Let's see if you have a word for me. This should be fun.”

“OK!!! Let's try.”
“I am everything and nothing. I am neither a man nor a woman. Time has no effect on me. I existed before time and will continue after it. I am the past, I am the present and the future. I am neither dead nor alive. I never lived but I am not dead either. I am an atom and the Universe. What am I?”

“Oh!! Sar dard se phata jaa raha hain. Chai milegi.” I asked my wife.
“Nothing to worry. He will be fine. Just weakness.” I heard Dr Kumar telling my wife.
“Hian?” I asked. Eng Trans. - (What?)
“Aa ah!! Nothing you just fell and hit your head. Scans and everything is normal.” Dr Kumar explained.
“Scans?” I looked at my Wife. She had a weak smile on her face.
“Yup, everything looks good. Finally, you are going home today. After 5days.” Dr Kumar said.


I am inuke
This was suppose to be a post about the Durga Puja celebration but ended up being a story. I am not sure what to make of this.
I hope that you enjoyed it and see you in the next post.

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