Inuke's Blog Writing Contest #2: Beware of Scammers

Hello everyone,
It's time for the next episode of this contest. But before we move on to the next contest. I would like to express my gratitude to the IU and all the participants for showing their love and support. The interaction in the post is really heartwarming. ❤️

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So my new year's resolution was to do better in my finances, fitness, and overall wellness. And being a full-time office bug, I barely get time to get online and research stuff that can help me with my situation. It is not like the information is difficult to find, the internet is filled with information buried under misinformation. What do you do when you are lost? You ask for directions right..!!! But at the same time, you are also looking for ‘if the person really knows the direction’. Same thing I did. I decided to look for some gurus online. One for financial advice, One for fitness, and one for overall wellness. One seemed overpriced. And after spending 1000 bucks…

Et Voila!!!
Magic. I am missing 1000 bucks from my wallet. They all turned out to be bogus gurus.

The Finance guy was a little better with his philosophy, and the fitness guy served total nonsense and was pushing his course on how to get healthy. It was like I paid to watch a movie-length advertisement. And the most costly one the Wellness guru turned out to be MLM guys. (Why God??? Why???). Looks like my new year’s resolution is to keep spending on things that don't add any value to my life and make these jokers rich.

By now I think you have an idea of where this is going.
Ok now without spewing any more misery. Let's get to the contest.
We all had been either scammed or fooled at some point in life. That's it that's the contest.

Have you ever been scammed?

When? Where? How? and aftermath.

This will help people be more alert... Nothing more.

The Rules.

  • No Plagiarism. - This isn’t Bollywood so please avoid copypaste.
  • No AI-generated content. - I simply hate it. So a strict NO…
  • Min Word Count - 300.
  • Don’t Rush, There is no worm for early birds here. Take your time for creating the post. Experiment a little with your title and style. But stay on the topic.
  • The contest ends on 08MAR2023 at 23:59 Indian Standard Time IST.
  • One entry per user.

How do I participate in the contest?

Please ensure that the entry is posted in the ‘IndiaUnited’ community. You can also link your entry in the comment section.


1st 40% HBD payout + 100 Ecency Points
2nd 30% HBD payout + 70 Ecency Points
3rd 20% HBD payout + 30 Ecency Points.

Before signing off, I would like to express my gratitude to friends from IndiaUnited and Beawesome community. And special thanks to @melinda010100 for sponsoring the ecency points.
Love you, guys.


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