Never Say "I Can't"

Many people get disappointed very earlier in their lives. I'm here to tell you something that success is not a plate of a pie that will be delivered to you at your table.

First you learned to raise some resources. You can create something out of nothing. To achieve our goals we have to stay focused and get stick to your desire. Never say I Can't Do it.
Complaining for everything is not a valid solution. You don't have resources, go and create it. You don't have a teacher to learn, go to Google. Do your research and get expert in it. That's the way it can be that's means in your life you can not say I Can't. You would say I can do, I will do.

Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Most of people drop their goals and dreams because of failures. The disappointment is on you it is your fault and you go through failure alone but failure will made you strong and strong. Failure give you two choice either you stay down or get up and get stick your goals and get the victory.

There are lot of examples in our lives that they got failure and failure again and again but one day they achieved their goals. So we should also get inspired by those personalities who achieved their goals despite lots of failures.

Many people say I Can't Do because of their present condition. For example if his/her father is watchman they get disappointed of that I can't do any thing because I don't have resources. There are a lot of examples such as the world knows a famous personality "Christian Ronaldo" he was a street cleaner and now world knows him a legendary sportsman.

Another example is Bollywood star "Nawazuddin Siddiqui" he was a watchman and struggled and become a famous Bollywood star. There are hundreds of examples and inspirations for us to achieve our goals. So never say I can't Do. Just say I can't do yet and I will do and I can do.

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