Dreeming in Stitches: Crafting My Fashion Sanctuary

My husband recently bought a rotating chair for his study room and I nagged at why would he spend the amount he used in buying the chair when he had a wooden chair already in his study, and also a sofa in the sitting room if he needed more comfort, his simple reply as usual in times like this, I need it babe but you already have a chair I Insisted because I knew we had other bills lined up that the money used in buying the chair would have sorted it out. I was upset, but my hubby maintained his calm demeanor, giving me a calm down smile that I was already used to his tricks, this your puppy smile won't work today, I told him in my upset state, so puppy even smile, 😅, I know the puppy look but that was the best description I could give him that moment, to further my anger, I sat on the chair he bought, to prove to him he was very vain to have spent that amount on a chair, I wanted to prove a point to him, two minutes into sitting I felt more relaxed while having the same conversation with him, and my brain started sending the signals on how comfortable the $45 worth of chair felt as if he read my mind as we extended our dialogue to something else while I remained sitting, " baby, you don't want to stand up again? I thought of a good reply to counter him, but the stress relieving feeling I got while sitting couldn't make me tell a lie, this chair is so comfortable, I don't feel my back aches anymore, I blurted out, all of the anger I felt fading away while my husband's eyes got teary from the fit of laughter he had after my confession. My husband gave an upgrade to his dreem space, and I now understand why he would go that extra mile to get another chair, that study is where he gets his work done when he is at home, so he needs that comfort to be more productive, there are sometimes he spends the whole night there trying to solve some work-related issues, which he mostly gets done with the help of his dreem space, yes he envisioned having a space to himself when we were house hunting, we never had such space in our previous apartment.


Enough with hubby's space let's get down to mine, it seems like this prompt was created especially for me, I've for a while had my dreem space in mind ever since I developed the passion for sewing, but haven't had the opportunity to make it a reality yet, but I have plans to make it a reality In the forthcoming year.

My dream space is a vibrant and creative fashion house, with my favorite wall colour white, with fashion-related artwork contrasting some side of the walk, Glori Fashion House written boldly with shining lights outside, a haven where beautiful dresses come to life, and my clients leave with smiles of satisfaction the best part of my day. My dream space is a wide room that allows enough air circulation as I am sort of claustrophobic, The studio allows the passage of natural light and also another lightening that pops out my creative craft, colorful fabrics positioned at one corner of the room, and my mannequins positioned in the middle, at the front and some designated area of the room, all wearing my beautiful creation, while the transparent glass which also serves as a window and allows passerby have a view and appreciate my creation, and also bringing in new clients.

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My office desk is at one corner of the room and the desk has my design sketches in little stacks, some completed and already made, while some still waiting to be completed. , and the bustling hum of sewing machines fills the room.
I envision this space to be my very own sanctuary for artistic expression, a place where I can channel my passion for fashion into wonderful creations. It's not just about designing dresses but bringing joy and satisfaction to family, friends, and locality.


All my sewing essentials are in place and no longer at the highest price so I can afford all I have dreamed having but restricted due to the price.
The essentials include high-quality fabrics, cutting-edge sewing machines, pattern-making tools, and a comfortable workspace. A large wooden cutting table to make my work easier and faster rather than cutting on the floor Like I do now. Not forgetting mirrors, what is a fashion house without a mirror, did I put hubby kind of chair in there? 🤣 it has to be in my dream space, did I inform you how this comfy chair has been my go-to position when I need to write, even now as I type, I found a dreem space in hubby's chair.

To bring this dreem to life, a moderate budget would be required. Even though people spend millions to open theirs, I don't have millions yet, and it is time to move out of my sitting room which also serves as a sewing room, taking the minimalist setting out of it, I plan on starting with what I have saved and still saving, it's not up to the total budget, but my mum would always tell me, start first, your skill will take you places, don't limit your talent at home, Did I mention how savvy I am in making dresses, my needlework post should do enough telling. so hopefully by January, Glori fashion house should become a reality.

In essence, my dream fashion house is not just a physical space but a manifestation of passion, creativity, and a commitment to making my clients feel extraordinary and also expand my 'decluttering to cloth someone' for free program, i've kick started this, but it's in snail speed for now as I need more helping hands, sewing takes time and doing it all alone lessens my productivity to a few dresses weekly, all this will change when I'm out there living the dreem .By carefully balancing quality, cost-effectiveness, and a community-centric approach, I believe this dream space can become a thriving reality in the coming year.

My entry to The Dreemer of The Year Challenge.

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