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Today I will be writing about my village, my birth place Rajasthan. Talking about my village it is 40km away from the city of lakes known as Sheshpur a village of 200 to 350 houses consisting of different - different castes of peoples like brahmins, jains, sevaks, and aadivasis, etc. Firstly I would like to clear that it is not an drought place what we see in movies or documentaries which are shown to television. Rather it is located near city of lakes Udaipur and in our neighbourhood we have the asia's biggest sweet water(drinkable water) reservoir known as Jaismandh. Though we have a lake in our village which is marine drive lite form mumbai😄😄 because after development of lake front it seems like that only.

Talking about my village even after having 200 to 350 houses my village looks empty because most of the people don't stay in village due to lack of employment and facilities. Though every year in summers all of them manages to get to village and spend time with each other for minimum 30 days.

My village actively consists of mostly elderly people as they don't want to leave the village an move out to city, but again it is not left out drought village which people think off because of having government school and private school.

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