My profound gratitude goes to God the Almighty and sustainer of life for watching and preserving me to this very moment.
I thank God for this ample opportunity to drop this note at this moment despite all challenges but here I am.

Life is like a dice of a ludo game, it can toss to and fro. You may be up today, the next down that is how God ordains it. What an individual does in the midst of all this matters a lot and defines the degree to which one exist and makes relevant impact.

I'm here to share my testimony of what God had done for me. I was not comfortable with my health as at yesterday. When it was time for the giveaway, I reluctantly joined and never knew I would be randomly selected.
It's been a while that I went to the clinic for any medical check not until yesterday.

I never saw the symptoms of any sickness. All I felt was an upset of my stomach and excruciating pain which persisted for a couple of hours. When all efforts within my reach couldn't avail, my wife said I should quickly go for a check up of which I adhered and acted immediately. Hmm samples of blood and stool were collected from me and I was asked to patiently wait for one hour for them to carry out their test. At last the results showed positive for malaria, typhoid and worms.

I began the treatment immediately yesterday that was why I couldn't even send my shout out in the general group. As I drop this write up, I am responding very well to the treatment is just that the pain of the injection is as if I should cry...hahahah. I am getting better and since hive has diffused into system, I just have to join the family this moment.

Thank God for the healing and thank God for all the hive family.

thanks for visiting my blog and all the comments appreciated.

the picture is from my mobile phone.

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