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Some days when I view several foreigners who drop pictures here on Hive and other social media, I always have this vivid imagination of what that place looks like and what I would be doing if I were there. Most times it could be in movies, but when I see beautiful places like restaurants, beaches, sunsets, and every other place in pictures, I am so amazed at the beautiful nature over there and I end up having a lot of imagination of this place stored in my subconscious for someday.

I pray that one-day finances will not be an issue because one of my goals is to travel to different countries of my choice and get to see the beautiful places they have and enjoy their view and food and maybe get to see and get close to their kind.

I pray that a day will come when I will just have to stay in the comfort of my home and pay for a ticket to any country for vacation without batting an eyelid about the financial aspect because I will be buoyant enough to cover all expenses.

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So, if I am to dream of any destination, it would be CHINA, I hope to get to see them face to face and watch them and, watch them do their marriage and maybe get to learn how to design those things they put on their lady's hands when they want to get married.

I want to visit there because I want to get to visit their Budha temple, see what it looks like, and maybe take a better look at what they eat. After all, I am always intrigued by what they eat.

I hope that I get to go to such a place with my spouse, so we can enjoy the serenity, and the fun and learn so many things about their country together. It could be one of numerous alone time together or vacations.

I know my dream destination is not happening anytime soon, but perhaps in the next couple of years ahead after I am settled financially and myself and my spouse are buoyant enough to obtain a visa and take ourselves to spend a month or two there, just enjoying everything about that place, the serenity, the people, and their food. I want to see and learn more about their culture.

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