Indiaunited weekly contest 1 my dream destination

Good evening great people to hive, i believe we had a wonderful time together, thank God for the privilege of seeing today, you are all welcome to my blog.


Tell us about your dream travel destination.

Is a place were a person can go to reflect on his life, what he needs to do in order to chieve that long awaiting dreams, is also a place were a person goes to have fun such as swimming, dear or say the truth, blanfolding, playing of whot, Hide and see, and also Draves it makes one to forget his sorrows when he is there with friends.

Remote area has been what I was seriously looking forward to go to, because I was once there , it was a serious fun with friends and I know visiting such area is going to be better than before because there will be more improvement in some of the area we could not make it right such has getting enough drink alone when going, our children will not follow us again like last time because children are distraction there are some fun one can not have because of children and there are some jokes one can not say them in front of children, getting fun is the excess of going there, I wound allowed this awaiting moment to just pass without me having that expedition dreams of mine.

why visit to that place

Because of the calmness and peacefulness of the place and also to admire the nature around because been in the a remote area one can move around places without any distraction or payment.


With whom

Hahahaha, with my friends only, those that we have not seeing for a long time, i have to make preparation very well because I know there will be alot to talk and this kind of thing happens one's in a blue moon.

how long do you plain to stay

Should be one week because when friends comes to gether it took them time to have some sensitive issues of life such as our Marital issues, our career matter too, they are very important and rubbing out mind together on how to get the solution if there is any problem one of us is facing in thad direction.

Could it be next couple of years?

Yes, I will like to take my time in order to prepare well before going there because I will not like to punish my friends out there or make the fun boring, i will plan well which i know it will take me couple of years.

Which country

Within Nigeria

Thanks for your time, do have a wonderful night

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