My Dream Destination

Tanzania is one of the countries with the largest national parks. Since my childhood, I loved having sights of animals, both wild and domestic. When I was five till I turned seven, I lived alone with my Dad. These two years of living alone with my Dad created a great memory in my life. Then, my siblings traveled to the city in search of greener pastures and my mother also traveled to assist my sister, a nursing mother of a bouncing baby boy.

My Dad used to tell me stories of his life before he met my mother and they got married. Before his marriage, he told me about his experiences as a wildlife guard. He worked on one of the reserves in the capital city. He told me that he had seen lions, snakes, apes, hippos and lots of other wild animals. After telling me all these beautiful stories, I developed the urge to visit one of the biggest parks in the world.

I have watched videos in the National Geographic Wild( NatGeoWild) where they show beautiful animals in the Tanzania Parks. I told myself that when I become financially well-to-do I would visit one of the wildlife parks in Tanzania. I would love to visit Tanzania Parks because I know there are a lot of species of wild animals there. I just love to explore and also take photos of the animals.

I thought this was a one-man plan but it is not. In my school, I made a friend, Equinox by name. He is a good photographer and a lover of tourism. He likes to visit places, explore and take photographs to build up his albums. One of the days when my friends and I were taking a stroll together, we all talked about our plans for where to have fun after our graduation. It was more like a coincidence that Equinox and I had plans to visit Tanzania. I was very happy to have a companion and a close friend who has the same plans as mine and I know it is going to be a lot of fun.


Tanzania is outside of my country and personally, one of the reasons I also chose there rather than other places such as India, Netherlands, UK, Belgium, and other countries is the transportation cost. I could travel from my country to Tanzania by water(cheaper) and also by air.

Equinox and I are planning on going on this trip in less than two years. This is after we graduate from school. We are also planning to make some money by then to make the trip a colorful one. We don't know how long we will stay there depending on the cost of living and the worth of our currency over there. I will call it my biggest accomplishment and also tell my children the story of this dream destination becoming a reality.
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Thanks to everyone who has found time to view and support my post, love you all 😍😍😍😍😍.

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