Splinterlands battle mage secrets : Reverse Speed

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This week Splinterlands battle mage is Reverse Speed

I have always written about how the game Splinterlands is about speed and it can give you victory often but the rule for today is in favor of slow monsters.

In the reverse speed rule set, monsters with the lowest speed attack first while the monsters with the highest speed attack last, this rule is a game changer and it is kind of interesting.

Each splinter has its own monsters with low speed so it is the rule of the battle that decides the splinter and the monsters that will be used.

I was paired with Haedan in a low 12 mana battle with 2 ruleset.

  • Taking sides: In this rule, no neutral monsters are available, so players can only use monsters from a particular splinter only unless they use the dragon summon to summon the dragons.

The second rule is Reverse speed which has been explained above.

battle link

The opponent used the death splinter using Thaddius Brood summoner with the -1 magic and -1 health stats. It reduced the magic of my last monsters and the health reduction stat also affected all my monsters but it was not enough to take me down.

My formation

Fungus Fiend

This was the first monster in my team, it does not have much power but I can count on it to waste the enemy's attack since it would be attacked first, hence giving my rear monsters chances to launch their attack.

Failed summoner

*The failed summoner is one of the most used m0nsters in the Earth Splinter and that is because it is a good tank, it can withstand attacks and also has magic reflect which is a nemesis for magic monsters, it did great in this battle as it reduces the opponent melee attack.

Khmer Princess

The princess is one of my key monsters because I needed her heal tank and triage ability to fix the damage done by the opponent to my monsters.

Acid Shooter

I did not know what the opponent was going to use, so I used the acid shooter with the unpredictable attack to mess up his lineup.

Djinn Biljka

The djinn was the monster I placed in the last position, the opponent could not attack it because it had the camouflage ability, and though it lost one magic power to the opponent summoner stats, it still did great and I was able to win the battle.

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All pictures are gotten from Splinterlands lore and game

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