Indiaunited Weekly contest -#1: My Dream Destination

Hi everyone @indiaunited, hope you all are good.
Special greetings to @bhattg for this wonderful prompt. It's an amazing week indeed.

We all know that travelling is part of education, and we all want to explore the world. All through my childhood days, I have been an isolated person, I don't visit people, even my close relations, I do not even travel out to another local government, state or country. Life has been from my house to school from school to church, I have been maintaining this triangular movement for a long time.

Who make this rules? No one. I felt that was how to live life at that moment, I was too comfortable with my life, didn't want to try new things or visit new places.

After my secondary schools, I bought an Android phone, that was how I found out that there are other things to do than being Isolated and there are places I need to visit.

All thanks to social media because I started seeing places I can visit through social media either when people post about them or talk about them. I started picking interest in visiting places.

I have visited few places within and outside my State. And I have a dream of visiting many other countries of the world.


I have so many beautiful countries in my mind to visit ranging from United State of America, Dubia, London, India and other beautiful countries of the world.

I'm really attracted to India because of thier aesthetic sense, I'm attracted to their flowers, their natural resources especially their natural water source, their complexion and the language.


I am a Nigerian.
But the country in my mind to visit first is Dubai.
I have heard and seen Beautiful pictures of places in Dubai ranging from the serenity in their environment, security, malls, water park and lots more.

I wish to visit a water park in Dubai maybe two or three, spend some weeks there and explore the environment. Although I do not know the exact time that i'm visiting Dubai but it's in my to- do-list once I'm financially stable I will like to visit few water parks in Dubai.

I'm just imagining how it will feel like, I will be very happy and feel fulfill once I achieve this dream.

I will love to visit there with my loved ones, either a family member or a close friend, so we can play, gist, enjoy and have all the fun.

I really need to experience this, I have heard so much about Dubai and I have seen many beautiful pictures of there.

Exploring the world is one of my dreams, and I wish to make it a reality. I love good places and I love to experience new things.




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