India United changed giveaway rules and my first time winning on it

India United changed giveaway rules yesterday and I am the first giveaway winner after the rules changed. Other rules are the same as previous one and there is only one change. In previous giveaway it is ok if we added #india #indiaunited or hive-197685 as tags. Now is different and we need to post in indiaunited community.

The winner should post in indiaunited community to claim their reward.

Previously I think adding #indiaunited tag is the same as posting in indiaunited community. But Bhattg told me that it is not the same so I need to figure out how to do it. Bhattg gave me a link and to post it from there. I visited the link and saw the following.

From there I have to join the community first because I did not joined yet. Then I clicked the New Post button right next to Joined button. Now india united is appeared on top left corner. And hive-197685 appeared as first tag.

There is other ways around to post in india united community but I will not mention it here. If you won an India united giveaway and don't know how to post it Just come and read my post.

Indiaunited community has 48 members currently. If my memory is still correct there is some benefits posting from a community. A community should have 100 registered members and then a community perk will be activated. Community itself will be awarded 20 ecency points for every post that written by the community members through community. So posting from a community is good for the community and its members. Think about 100 people posting 100 posts everyday. So let's post it from the community.

Thanks for reading my post. I hope you enjoy my post.

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