Istanbul: my dream destination.

Hello everyone,

Where I'm sitting right now and writing this blog, there's a country far away with a city that's incredibly beautiful. It's a city that feels like a dream for people like us who are far away. If you walk through its streets, you'll get lost in memories of the past because you'll find things that are both old and new, like tall minarets and ancient ruins.

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There's a market there where you can find everything in the world. It is named as grand bazaar. I was looking at pictures of that market on the internet, and let me tell you, my heart was racing to go there right away. From nail cutters to hair catchers for your toes, you'll find everything there.

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Now let's talk about a famous and grand building in that city that has changed its shape throughout different times. Sometimes it's been a church, sometimes a mosque, and sometimes it's a museum. Yes, I'm talking about Hagia Sophia. It must be a sight to behold for human eyes.

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Imagine going to Istanbul and not seeing the masterpiece with six tall towers and blue tiles. That would be a big miss, right? Yes, I'm talking about the Blue Mosque. It has a history behind it, but instead of discussing that, I'll tell you that it's an unparalleled beauty. If I go to Istanbul, I'll definitely see it too.

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Istanbul isn't just an ordinary city with beautiful places; it's also a very busy city. There's a river called the Bosphorus where you can walk along the shore or enjoy Turkish food in cafes and restaurants. You'll find everything there. It'll feel like your world is complete there.

Now let's talk about the Galata Tower. I've heard that from there, you can see the whole city. I haven't been there yet, but when I go, I'll surely check it out because I've also heard that when the whole city lights up at night, you get a breathtaking view from the Galata Tower. @incublus, is that true?

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I also have heard about a bridge in there which connects some kind of two worlds but can't remember the exact details so will skip that part. Lol

I can't go to Istanbul right now because I'm a student busy with studies. But when I become independent, Istanbul is the first place I want to go... My obsession with Turkey is known to many of my friends. Even my sister knows. It's because I read a novel where this city was portrayed in a very beautiful way, and since that day, this city has been on my mind. Maybe that's why I know so much about it.

And yes, the most important thing is that I'll go to this place with my life partner. Because it's necessary to make some memories at a place like this, right? Nobody knows if we'll get a chance later in life, but we can definitely cherish the memories. I'll stay there for at least a month, during which I'll also spend some days with @incublus. And I don't have any friends in Turkey. Lol, maybe @pravesh0 will move to Turkey by then 😉

Well, that's all from my side.


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