Is law and order really helpful for a common man?

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From the last one or two weeks, I was reading stories related to crime, in which i listen crime stories of many criminals have been told whose crime was really terrible and whose name was so feared that people used to be in fear after listening their name and even in today's time.
On the one hand, there are criminals who themselves adopt the path of this crime and continue to commit crimes, on the other hand there are those people who adopt this relationship due to some incident or situation that happens to them unexpectedly.

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I have heard about the lives of many criminals so I have noticed one thing that about many of the criminals, I have come to know that such incidents happened to them after which they completely changed. And they put herself in the world of crime. I was hearing about a very famous criminal of India last week, so I could come to know that he was very intelligent and was also very good at studies but something happened like that all the members of his family were killed by some rich person, now he is a teenager boy in such a way then somewhere in his mind the feeling of revenge definitely comes and here it is the nature of human being.Very few people there are those who remain calm even after so much happening and there is no feeling of revenge in them. And with this feeling of revenge, people take such steps that their life changes he also choose the path of crime and then become a famous criminal and does a lot of crime.

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In a another story I was hearing about a newspaper editor has that published a news in his newspaper about a big minister in a scandal due to which the name of the minister was spoiled and then the leader killed that editor and at that time his son was very young so his grandmother used to narrate the story of her father's death to her again and again, due to which somewhere a feeling of revenge arose in the boy and they killed that minister after 30 years, in such a situation, one more thing comes to be heard, It is said that at that time the law and order did not support him at all, rather the law and order had completely turned against him.Because of which the feeling of revenge remained in their mind and somewhere in the end they had to take the law in their hands and adopt the path of crime ,if at that time the law and order fully supported and cooperated with them. So today the boy don't have to take such a step and they live their life well, but now even if their revenge is fulfilled, there will be a lot of change in their life because they have also done one crime, then they will definitely be punished for it.

It is a very strange thing that many times it is seen that the people who have been kept to handle the law and order, the same people make fun of the law and order and work on the contrary. If a powerful person has committed a crime, then it is seen that he does not get any punishment for it and after sometime he is aquitted .
There is a lot of need to proper follow law and order because if this continues then people who have a lot of power will continue to do their own arbitrary and common people with whom if any incident has happened then they will take the path of law and if law does not help them. They will have to take law in their own hands, due to which the system of law can be spoiled and the environment of the country can also be very bad.

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