Steem Torch Experiment Has Come To an End

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Steem Torch social experiment has come to its end. It didn’t end in hands of the 337th user as was described in the rules. However, it still did end with success. Many things these fast-moving days ending up in ways we would have never expected. Steem Torch has exchanged 290 hands, and it will find a home in Lightpainters United Community.

Three weeks @bidesign alerted me with a message - “Someone ate the torch”. I had no doubt any of the Torch keepers would try to pocket the funds. My reaction was that they probably made a mistake. Many Torch keepers made various mistakes as the experiment continued. Steem Torch was being passed around among Lightpainters United community members. The last Torch keeper was @dawnoner. I checked their wallet, it appeared they had powered up the torch transfer. I contacted them on Steem and discord. Just as I expected, they have made a mistake of powering up the torch amount without noticing it was part of the experiment. As soon as @danwoner realized the mistake, they started the power down. So, the plan was to power down needed funds for the Steem Torch and pass it to the next user.

Meanwhile, we had Tron drama going on. Now Steem is dead, we have moved to Hive. Yesterday @danwoner contacted me to update me on the Steem Torch and to discuss what to do next since we have moved to Hive now. There is no point of continuing Steem Torch on Steem. Another option is to continue the experiment on Hive, but now it would have to be changed to Hive Torch. That didn’t really make sense to do either. We decided to call this an end of Steem Torch. @danwoner will power up Hive, and delegate Steem Torch amount to Lightpainters United Community. I find this end of the experiment appropriate, satisfying and, successful. The torch will remain lit and will be part of shining light to the works of light-painters of the Hive community.

I also realize there may be some torch keepers who would/could disagree with this decision. I will be happy to refund any contributions to the experiment if any Steem Torch Keeper doesn’t agree with this decision. I am prepared to issue refunds in either Hive or Steem. If there are any Torch Keepers that disagree and would like a refund please leave a comment with a request, which coin you prefer, and the amount contributed.

This has been a fun experiment. Thank you, everybody, who participating, supported and followed the experiment. I am looking forward to seeing many more awesome experiments and projects on Hive. Recently, I was contacted by someone with an interesting idea for an experiment similar to Steem Torch but to do it on Hive. I will not be involved in the project. However, If they choose to initiate it, I will gift them an account I created a few days ago - @hivefive.

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