RE: Just a test for Aureal Rooms

Hey @kriszrokk, I apologize for getting back so late. 3Speak is working on Speak network which will solve our hosting problems and furthermore make our ecosystem to the complete web3.0 standard.

Speak network is going to be an extension to Hive, which will support heavy files like video and audio.
Speak network intends to make our job easier by working on backend infrastructure and helping us focus on making your experience better.

As this has just begun, it'll take time. Team Aureal will continue to integrate every feature to the best of our abilities where it is required for Aureal to be more Robust, sustainable and spectacular.

We're already in talks with the 3Speak team, and working accordingly. and looking forward to working with Podping as soon as @brianoflondon replies.

About the fees associated with uploading the content on 3Speak, Speak network is already working on making it sustainable, so no worries for you there :)

At the end it's the projects which collaborate to make the ecosystem better and speed up the process of execution. Which means, if you're not satisfied with your current hosting provider, you'll be having a better one here at Hive Ecosystem.

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