A bit information about Praiseindia

Today I want to thank all subscribers who joined @praiseindia. We build this community to help newbies and those who are not getting enough support.
We want to welcome all Indians and other country people to join this community.
We will appreciate all quality content creators. You can write on any topic (except any religion or political post) here.

I always believe that if we want to walk far, then you must walk together.
India is the only country where several religious people live, work together and get equal respect.

Now we have 18 subscribers. But we want to request many more people to join @praiseindia. We can understand how a content creator feels when their hard work didn't appreciate well.
You can also share your suggestions and ideas here. Everything will be welcome here.
I also would like to invite-
Please help and guide @praiseindia. So we can give many more people a chance to show their creativity on the @hive.
We need your suggestions for betterment.


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