Everything is there But Still We are out of Peace

Hello readers , let's talk about life...!!!

We are living in 21st century , the time where in we have all the resources that makes our life easier. We have smartphones to communicate at long distance , we have car to travel from one place to another , we have high medical services , etc.

Now my question : We have everthing today as I mentioned above , right...? But still we face depression and lack peace in our lives. We will talk about what we have been doing wrong all these year after years that we are out of peace and living in a depressed state of mind.



God created Humans to live and to spend their lifes but what we are actually doing today is spending life and not living it.
We created so many technologies and I think those were really important for the human kind. But we are now totally dependent on technologies from waking up in the morning to going back to sleep we are all attached to technologies.

We can't wake up without a alarm being set up on our mobile phones. we can't go to bed before surfing something on the Internet , we can't cook without a youtube channel that tells us recipe for a particular food.
Just close your eyes and think and you will know that there are many things in life that we are doing with the help of these technologies.

Dont get me wrong , there is no harm in using these technologies and devices but there is for sure harm in using only these technologies and getting ourself dependent on these things.

Our current generation sleep late at night. they wake late in the morning...!!! Oh , I mean afternoon.
Yes thats the reality of current generation. We don't want to eat healthy food , we dont want to interact with the nature and it's beauty but we want to live in Peace.

So Here is the solution that everyone should try implementing on themselves. Start eating good food regularly , go to your near by park , play some outdoor games , exercise daily for 20 minutes , don't stay awake till late nights and wake up in the morning.

I know these are hard to do things for all of us atm but nothing comes for free and it is better late then never to do it.

We are living in such a mental and physical health state that we are really reducing our life and to stop doing this we have to change ourself.

So I think it is already a long post and i will end my post here and come back soon with similar topic to post on here.

Thank You for giving your precious time here and reading my post. If someone was offended with my post then i would like to apologize.

Thank you

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