Crypto Company Giveaway for 100 CCD! No.016


Welcome Everyone to a new world, which I found a while ago and it runs by @powerpaul who is the brain behind everything you see! This game is a fully interactive 3d game where you can roam around on a tropical island, earn tokens on the Hive blockchain, earning them through activities or by playing and solving riddles that appear in the game’s story.

The game is not yet released, but it is worth prepare yourselve for the big start of the game and collect one of their main token, which is the CCD through my or others giveaway without investing anyting. πŸ€—


"The CCD is a token on the Hive blockchain, an abbreviation for CryptoCompany Dollar and the main token in the game. It is used to buy items such as clothes, weapons, vehicles or tuning parts, but it is also awarded, for example, in the form of rewards for completed tasks or competitions."

This is a video how the game looks like at the moment! 😱

"In CryptoCompany CEO you have the ability to run, drive, or fly your avatar through a 3D tropical island open world from a third-person perspective! In this multiplayer game, you’ll be able to explore the islands, and the contents on them, either alone or together with other players! You have the option to take part in missions or participate in competitions. The world can be explored freely and doesn’t feature facades or empty shells of houses, even though the island world in the game has its limits, of course!"

If you want more information about the game make sure you check its website!


My main goal with this Giveaway is to provide a chance for the participants to acquire some CCD for the start of the game and to promote this game amongst the people's never heard about it! πŸ˜‡

Giveaway Rules for the 100 CCD

If you wish to participate:

  • Please leave a comment under this post if you would like to be part of the giveaway! πŸ€
  • Upvote, Re-blog and Tips are not required, but if I have enough resource I will return some !LOL, !PGM, !LUV back to my gifters. 🎁
  • I will be using the to determine the eligible Winner when the post pays out a week later. so make sure you sign-up in that period of time! πŸ˜‰

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I would like to announce the Winner of my Crypto Company Giveaway for 100 CCD! No.009 post who is @monsterbuster for the 100 CCD as a prize!πŸ€—

🎁 Congratulations and enjoy your CCD! 🎁

I can not see the transaction, because the HIVE have some problems, but if you didn't received it please let me know!

You can see that the transaction has gone through.

26uUsAjKTsXCDw7zixZR182JbFKvgzJ9YwsFpTVcRaGCmsqhA1unTgpqrAP9TBG3ngbmQff8XmGHioYU3At33cTpyHohG4z2ZWA19cNAtQpXz8JTL2Eth5Vxc1U3ozJdzUmyRRsLcmFgYoQ2JHa18eEtgZCjy2QR4hqU22 (1).png


(I will try to add all the participants into this list to get notification from the future giveaways, but if you don't like that just let me know in the comment section! πŸ˜‰)

! [Past participants]
@dk1trade, @phanty, @pero82, @scfather, @subidu, @henruc, @alexis666, @daethical, @vaynard86, @rtonline, @kryptof, @diochen, @sarapony, @circlebubble, @monsterbuster, @ladymisa, @blitzzzz, @lordshah, @bitcoinflood, @mario02, @itcouldbecloud, @wilhb81, @jmis101, @thehockeyfan-at.

Thank you to all who is participating in my giveaway!πŸ€ May the Luck Be With All of You!!! πŸ€


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