The wait is over! Limited & Ultimate Starter Packs coming!


First of all, big thank you to you and the amazing community! We would not be here if it weren't for you! We are rolling on our way of development and here it is, one of the next milestones: we are preparing and opening our NFT market and want to present you bit by bit the contents of it.

To say thank you to you as an early adaptor, we thought about it and now open the possibility to buy one (or two as a member of the club of 99) Ultimate Starter Pack (where each card is a golden foil! ) limited to 999 pieces. Of course with a few bonus stats and your personal earned corresponding discount, which you might get by your already existing CCPower.


Not only will your NFTs be absolutely gorgeous to look at but they will also have their corresponding in-game item and benefit. So if your NFTs are gold foil your items will be shiny in our 3d world! Read on to find out all about our first 999 limited & ultimate starter packs!

To keep the game accessible to as many people as possible we have implemented some rules to prevent bots buying all the pack tokens and to prevent multi accounting. Please read all rules carefully and follow the steps necessary to make your purchase.
If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments below this post, our team will answer promptly.
Thanks @mistakili, @rinchaelle05 and @solymi for handling the comment section!

Besides all the other game content that we are gradually implementing, the first content area which we will publish is the racing game part on the Island. According to that we have a bunch of awesome items including VIP access tickets, exciting vehicles, corresponding tuning parts and many other items useful in the game.

More than 300 items like cars, brakes, rims, spoilers, nitro tanks, body kits, motors, VIP tickets, spades & shovels, clothing and so on have various rarities and a guaranteed gold foil!

1 pack = 7 items in gold foil!

Not only will you have bragging rights to say you helped CryptoCompany CEO in their first-ever pack sale but you will have awesome shiny golden items in-game! These items will be hard to come by once our 2nd edition of starter packs will be available! Important to note that the first 999 packs will not include every item that will be available in the 2nd edition - but in a gold edition.

In the coming days and weeks while we are finalizing our marketplace and our pack manager we will show you the art of our NFTs. Also to give you some insight into how the different items will behave in the game and how they will influence the performance of your race car.

You will be able to upgrade your car(s) with different types of items and influence how it behaves on the racetrack and the street in general! This is one of the many goals how our NFTs will have a very special use case.


To make sure that a broad audience can access our first pack tokens we issued 999 CCDPACK tokens and we will sell those manually. We have limited the sale so all have an equal chance to get at least 1 pack!

Info & Purchase Process

We are selling 999 $CCDPACK tokens that can be switched to CCDALPHA tokens once our pack opening is up and running!

198 of the $CCDPACK tokens are reserved for our 99ers club.

801 $CCDPACK are available for purchase to all Hive community members!

If the 99ers do not buy all 198 reserved packs they can be sold to the public as well! Read all rules & steps below:

1. Calculate your price

According to your amount of CCPower you maybe receive a discount. Check your CCPower on FLEXNet and your tier and benefits on our website.

Starting from the tier Bronze 2 you will receive a discount of up to 50% - as a thank you for your previous support. You have a corresponding tier? Then please calculate your 25 or 50% discount.

Regular Price per Pack: 20,000 CCD

25% Reduced Price: 15,000 CCD
(starting at tier Bronze 2)
50% Reduced Price: 10,000 CCD
(starting at tier Silver 1)


  • You can buy 1 pack only per Hive account
  • send X $CCD to the account
  • in the memo field enter your Hive user name, the amount of packs and your earned discount via CCP tiers. So it should be something like: "1 pack for @[YourAccountName], 50% discount Tier Silver 1"

Member of the Club of 99ers?

  • You can buy 2 packs only per Hive account
  • send X $CCD to the account
  • in the memo field enter your Hive user name, the amount of packs, your earned discount via CCP tiers and your 99er membership. So it should be something like: "1 pack for 99er @[YourAccountName], 25% discount, Tier Bronze 2"

Special perks for the Club of 99ers

So 198 packs are reserved for the Club of 99ers. If not all of the 198 packages are sold until 1st May 2023, we reserve the right to withhold and/or later integrate these packs into the market and offer them to other Hivians.

Should you not be a member in the Club of 99ers, you are only allowed to purchase 1 pack token and the surplus of X $CCD we will be sent back to you when we send out your CCDPACK token. It makes our job much easier if you only purchase two packs if you are in the 99ers club. Also If you verify your tier/discount. Thank you!

A complete list of the first 99 CCSUBS and thus the members of the Club of 99ers:

captaincryptic, kheldar1982, kvinna, mugglow, steem82868, the13anarchist, siphon, quekery, powerpaul, ganjafarmer, woelfchen, prinzvalium, allonyx.ngs, high8125theta, servelle, bitandi, memess, jamesstarr13, lgxgaming, shrazi, karizma, imno, reiseamateur, kam5iz, sieghard1990, leosoph, lammbock, olebulls, dlmmqb, yeckingo1, lupinox, mein-senf-dazu, balte, nanie.lilla, lougold, pregosauce, points-fr, franking1, dewabrata, stewie.wieno, thedoc07, healjoal, flauwy, fredfettmeister, aborowczak1972, stayoutoftherz, adacardano, oscarps, ynwa.andree, solymi, bokica80, zionazrael, eustace-kidd, lordshah, blue.rabbit, tampilyne, poolweb, forykw, misterc, kryptik.tigrrr3d, gr33nm4ster, ervin-lemark, irisworld, awah, ijatz, thgaming, brando28, libertycrypto27, noctury, mizzmomoz, definethedollar, wanderingmoon, proto26, virtualgrowth, acolytesofhelio, og1, hmvf, torran, silver-edge, pix21, rinchaelle05, valdiva, dynamicrypto, snook, ecoinstant, slothlydoesit, treasure.hoard, lorddiablo, arkasz, jfuji, cryptofiloz, trumpman, l337m45732, willendorfia, monkeymanking, arpuch, mcrahman91, magalli

Next steps:

When the pack manager is up and running $CCDPACK holders will be able to redeem CCDALPHA tokens. For the first 999 packs the configuration of the pack manager will be set so every item is a guaranteed gold foil, but the rarities of these items will be totally dependent on the RNG that we will announce once the pack manager is ready.

The first 999 packs will have a 30-day period to open their packs. Afterward we will initiate the sale of the CCDALPHA pack tokens on our marketplace and the configuration of the opening RNG will be reset and gold foil items will be possible but the chance to get a gold foil item will be significantly lower.

Also we will be adding new items at this point and you will be able to pull all ALPHA NFTs.

We will present & publish a full list of all items that are available in the CCDALPHA packs in the upcoming days and weeks. Step by step, post by post.

From this moment on you will be able to buy and sell your packs on HIVE engine markets as well! Of course if you want to make some $$ you could list your $CCDPACK tokens on any hive dex as well, just remember that only 999 CCDALPHA packs will be guaranteed gold foil NFTs.

We are very excited about our first pack sale ever. Be fast! There are only 999 Ultimate Starter Packs packs out there! Send your memo to and claim your $CCDPACK!

Grab your CCPower discount according to your amount of CCPower!

According to your amount of CCPower you maybe receive a huge discount. Check your CCPower on FLEXNet, your tier and benefits on our website and send $CCD with memo to!

Regular Price per Pack: 20,000 CCD

25% Reduced Price: 15,000 CCD
(starting at tier Bronze 2)
50% Reduced Price: 10,000 CCD
(starting at tier Silver 1)

Now it only remains for me to say goodbye for today.

See you later in the comments!

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