Grab Your Rewards! SQM DISCOUNT SALE! Just 48 Hours, Once Per Person! DON'T MISS IT!

Like every week (and each following until the public beta): As a small thank you to fans, supporters and future players of CryptoCompany CEO we have set up a weekly special discount sale or a small, but nice, investment opportunity - which incidentally also brings your perfect start in the game and also solid returns. In the form of a discount on the purchase of SQM (Info about SQM | buy here). (And since you also get CCPower (Info about CCP) for SQM, the discount is even kinda doubled!)

If you have already read the last article about SQM discount sale, then you are already well informed. This article opens a new 48-hour sale, but doesn't offer any significantly new information.

This is what you can expect in this post:
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