Minki the Chihuahua’s Beach Walk


My husband is rehabbing his ankle by walking on the beach for 2kms every afternoon so today we decided to take Minki along with us! Minki and her brother Max are a bonded pair of siblings that have never been without each other. A behaviourist said it might be wise to walk them and take them on outings separately to slowly teach them some independence.


Minki shook uncontrollably in my arms for the first 15 minutes- the sound of the waves and all the smells was just too much. But then she started settling in and even walked on the sand.



She is very afraid of the water but happy to walk on the dry sand and smell all the stinky seaweed - even wanting to rub on herself in it!



After walking about a kilometre she was pooped and jumped back into my arms to catch a lift back to the car.


Oh Minki moo! You’ll have to learn to love the beach as much as the rest of us do!


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