Dog adventure flying and to Vegas!

I got to go to Vegas I got to go to Vegas I'm such a lucky puppy dog that I got to go to Vegas and pee in a hotel room....

So yeah I was a super good dog at the airport and because I was a German Shepherd service dog they got upset at me and said that I couldn't fly. So we ended up having to buy another ticket to get there because they were working on getting it set up for the next day.

Well that really sucked so we get over to Vegas and it was actually late at night and we took the bus over so we had a lot of fun getting to sniff all sorts of new people on the bus.

The next morning Dad wasn't able to get me outside to go potty as quickly as I needed to so I peed on the floor and I was a little bit grumpy because we woke up in a crazy new place and there's this crazy little yapper dog like three inches away going crazy. So next thing you know security is banging around and the next door neighbors acting up while making all sorts of weird crazy stupid accusations until they understand that there is a German Shepherd in that room....

Oops. After that they decided to leave us alone.

The event was super awesome and I got to meet all sorts of really cool awesome people. And look at this I got into this really amazing photo too...

So everybody really loved me at the event and I was a reasonably well behaved German Shepherd. So we had a lot of fun.

We had a super exceptional event and then coming back it was pretty crazy because we screwed up and didn't talk to the bus driver and ended up running 2 miles uselessly which was really cool until Dad had to throw me over a fence!

Well he did it as carefully as he could and we were only a little bit away from the front doors of the airport so we got really super lucky.

And okay all right we get on the plane and they were actually really cool with things. We got back to Portland and of course the friend that I act absolutely wild and crazy around comes to pick us up so I went super crazy on the ride home.

Anyway the Pacific Northwest is way more comfortable as it is not nearly as hot as Las Vegas.

However puppy dog got to go for travel adventures! And other than some hiccups everything has been really awesome.

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