Panda's Boyfriend Betrayed Her

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I still can't believe that this happened to Panda today! The boy she's been seeing turned his back on her and denied ever knowing her. Let me give you the gist.

So there's this Lhasa in a house at the end of my street that we go to see sometimes. Either I or my husband takes a stroll down there just so Panda can see and play with her friend. We want them to be close and friendly, and probably mate when Panda is older.

Today, I saw this Lhasa at the beginning of the street, houses away from home but he was smart enough to find his way back to the house. I quickly ran in and came out with Panda on a leash so she could play with him for a while.


He was already at the end of the street so we had to walk down. I was wondering why he didn't even turn back to look at us or even run to us.

Just in front of his owner's gate, I saw a big dog come out. I didn't know there was a big dog in that house so I was surprised. The big dog looked at Panda and I, and within seconds, the big dog started barking at us.

My dear Panda who usually barks whenever she hears a dog bark was mute. I had to immediately lift her into my arms and pet her while the big dog came right in front of us.

What pained me is that Panda's boyfriend joined the big dog in barking at us like we were intruders and he hadn't seen Panda in his life. I'm sure Panda was hurt at the betrayal.

I know Panda likes intimidating other small dogs but she's usually just checking if they're up for play. She did this at first with this guy but they end up playing. So I don't know why he acted like he had beef with her.

They've smelled each other's butts before so how can he act like that in front of the big dog?! Now, my poor baby was scared and she folded herself in my arms till we got back home.

This relationship is officially over because we can't deal with men that won't stand up for us. Panda is a beautiful girl and a bad bitch! He wasn't even all that anyway 🙄

Am I overreacting or should we give the traitor boyfriend another chance?

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