Hi everyone, I am a newcomer here so I am still trying to understand how hive blog works, you can also give me any pointers. I was going through this community and saw the contest, so I decided to make my first post. When Pets are mentioned then I have to be involved.



Whoever coined the saying that "Dogs are a man's best friend" needs to be thanked and I am sure they must have had their best experience because Besty that is the name of my Dog, she is awesome.


  • First thing to know about Besty is that she is an attention monger. Most times at home, when one is dressed to go out, make sure she is not around the corner otherwise she would hold on to your legs or drag your clothes before you would like down on her back waiting for you to rub her belly or she would kiss your face, hands or legs.

Honestly, sometimes I look out for the wagging of tails and little barks that welcomes you anything you are in their presence indicating her happiness at seeing you.

  • She is also very Sensitive, Observant and Protective. She has a great sense of smell and hearing. She is very in tune with environment and never lets anything slide just like that. Nothing comes into the house without her knowing. She knows where almost everything is in our compound, and that way if a new thing comes she would bark until someone comes out to either see what is making her bark or stop her by petting her.
  • Inspite of being a super being, she is still a living being, who has to taken care health wise and mentally. Recently, Besty was very sick but thank God that is bygone now. She started rejecting her food, she wouldn't eat, would only take little water. My mom and I had to take her to her doctor who figured out that she had lice which she had gotten from a neighboring dog. She was given some drugs and was also bathed with the medicine which the Vet Doctor had brought. This was administered to her for weeks before she got better. It was painful to see her writhing in pain doing nothing.


Always be careful and observant where your pets are, they could be passing off an important message that could be missed if you are not observant about their body movements. Besty is bold and courageous, sensitive but also have feelings. Statistics has shown that one who spends time with a pet is happy, has no or little record of blood pressure. That being said, spend time with them, make them happy and in return make yourself happy. Enjoy.