My favourite places

Hi friends

Today I don't have much time, it's summer and txatxy wants to go out for a walk.
But so fast fast I will present you my best places to rest.
The house has many secret corners and I always like to explore and be in whatever space I feel comfortable with.
As you know, the bathroom bidet I love now in summer it's cool, I have a lot of hair and I'm always hot.

lur_0997 copia.jpg

Another of my favorite places is the printer.
Hidden on top I see txatxy's legs as she makes the entrances for all of you.
It's a little dark and secret place I love it and I spend hours sleeping there

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It's a little dark and secret place I love it and I spend hours sleeping there
The first time they found me they were scared because I weigh a lot and they believed that the printer would not hold my body, but I like it a lot

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IMG_8606 copia.jpg

I throw myself on the carpet at the foot of the computer, they could teach me to write.

IMG_8612 copia.jpg

The table in the living room I love curled up and waiting for them to pass, I am very curious and I have to see everything, the glass is cold and that makes me feel comfortable.

20210620_190158 copia.jpg

I know that it is already Sunday at my house and that I am late with the #caturday but surely somewhere in the world it is still Saturday
Happy day friends

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