Cat Behavior and Causes


Cats have existed in every moment of my life. Those who keep cats like me know. Sometimes they do something that we say just like a person. Sometimes they are animals whose every move we are surprised and wondering about their world. We try to understand their meows and try to decipher their language from their actions. In fact, let's admit, some of us think they can even meow and chat with cats. (I tried once)

So what do cats' movements mean, do we know them well enough? So let's take a look at what the most common cat behaviors mean to us humans.


1- Biting suddenly while being loved

This situation happens to many cat lovers like me almost every day. My daughter can sometimes do this. Those who do not know do not understand why their beloved cats suddenly bite for minutes.

There may be several reasons for these sudden reactions. The first reason may be that they are tired of attention and the area you love makes him uneasy. (they hate touching their abdomen) If you touch areas they don't like, he may react in this way. The second reason is that biting is one of their ways of communicating with us. These actions of us can make them suddenly feel prey or game.


2- Tail Swing Shapes

Cats and dogs often use their tails to communicate with us. If their tails are looking straight up, it means they're excited. For example, when you come from work and come to meet you, their tails rub up straight at you. This is because he is excited to see you.

If he wags his tail slightly while he sleeps, it indicates that he is at peace. If the tail wagging is fast, it's a sign that he's not happy. It shows that he is restless. In such a situation, stop loving him. Leave him alone so he doesn't worry any more. If his tail is bent back and his ears are backward, his only move is to attack. This event means a trigger for a focused attack.


3- Keeping Mouth Open

This is what I find the funniest of cats. This move makes them look very stupid. Sometimes Şila opens her mouth in shock. I was very surprised to find out why. They get this shape when they hear a new scent. At that moment, they open their mouths to feel the smell they have never encountered before. This action makes the nasal passages smell better. I laugh a lot about this situation. Sometimes I feel like my cat was in a shock and couldn't get over it.


4- Big Love for the Boxes

I'm sure you've bought yourself the world's comfortable mattress or the most expensive mattress. No matter how many beds you buy for him, he will still go and sleep in that box. This is specific to cats. They like to do business on their own. Sometimes I get very surprised at my cat. Why do you prefer the box? I say you have no taste. They need to feel safe. Because the boxes are a place where they feel safe, they prefer to take shelter there. Isn't that very good in a way? So you don't need to spend too much for cats. Take a box and here's a cat house. The box is their shelter. It is the only place where they feel safe. They are much safer when they enter the box.


5- Hiding your food

When my cat doesn't like his food, he bites my feet. Some cats prefer to rebel by burying food they don't like. What kind of food is this? Did you see me worthy of this? Your only responsibility is to buy me food, you can't do it either! That's why they may hide food they don't like in secret places and punish you with that rotten smell. (You gave me bad food, here's a gift from me). :)) Of course, this is not true for every cat. I'm glad my cat isn't doing this. This is the work of cats who have watched a lot of intrigue series.


If cats have their nose and cheeks touching you first, this is their way of greeting you. It is very similar to our way of greeting. While we greet each other, we interact with the other person by touching them.
If you have cats on the street like me, don't love them without getting their permission. I always get permission from them. I stretch my hand to him to smell. It sniffs for a while and then rubs its nose and chin on my hands. This is their way of saying "I let you love me". If he doesn't care about the hand you're outstretching, don't touch him. If you insist on touching, he may slap you with his paw. :)



One of my favorite features of cats is that they purr. I have no clear idea why they are muttering, but I'll try to explain it based on my experience. I think when they are happy, they mutter "I am peaceful and safe". Some veterinarians say cats are nervous and purr in pain. According to research, cat purring emits sounds and waves. These provide the happiness hormone in humans. This phenomenon has been observed and tested by researchers. I like it when my cat comes to my bed and purrs while I'm sleeping. If I have had a tired or unhappy day, it gives me peace of mind to listen to him mutter as I fall asleep.

There are many features about this beautiful being that have yet to be discovered and are still waiting to be discovered. Every time I learn new information about them. Experiencing this with my own cat makes me the luckiest woman in the world. A lot of things are waiting for me to discover and I am eager to learn about them. Their being so mysterious makes me love them more. If you have a cat adoption situation and you still haven't made up your mind, hurry up. You must have a very special and beautiful being in your life.

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