Cooking with a Cat 🐈‍⬛😻


How is your day going? I would like to briefly talk about what I am going through in the kitchen with my cat so that you can have a good day.

Those who own cats or dogs understand me very well. Whenever I go into the kitchen, my cat immediately knows I'm cooking something. He always moves to the first chair at the table. He was also there yesterday when I was making apple pie.


He sneaked up, thinking I wouldn't notice him. I like it when he watches me while I'm doing a job. I talk to him sometimes. "Do you think I should add cinnamon?" I ask questions like There is no answer, of course, I answer instead ☺ Sometimes I wonder if he understands me. If he understands, he is definitely saying to me, "Why is this woman talking to herself like crazy?"


No matter what he says to me, I love him very much. By the way, my cat is very smart. She always looks at herself with innocent eyes for me to give her from the meals I cook. Gifte, as you can see, squints his eyes and looks at me pitifully. It's hard to resist these looks. Sometimes I fall for those looks. After he eats what I gave him, he disappears immediately. Sometimes, no matter how emotional it may seem, if I'm doing something harmful, I don't give it to him. That's when I feel so sad.


Sometimes when I turn my back, I encounter petty thefts. I noticed that she was caught on camera while she was making a cake. He looks at me first, and when he notices my back is turned, he tries to take a piece of the cake. My cute little thief. This petty theft did not succeed. I am very lucky to live with him. Without him, I would have a very monotonous life. After he came, my life became much more colorful. Do you have adventures in the kitchen with your pets? What are you going through, let's meet in the comments ☺

I hope your day is sad with these gifs. See you.

love 🐈‍⬛

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