Affordable Small Breed Dog Run

As a part of our retirement plan, the wife and I decide to take the "plunge" and get an inground pool put in our backyard. This posed just one problem since our "children" (2 chihuahuas) were used to having the run of the yard. Not being the brightest of kids, as kids are known to be, we feared they might fall into the hole or one of the piping trenches and get hurt. After some thoughtful consideration, we decided a small dog run would work terrific and took to the internet to find one. OMG! The price for dog runs! And beyond that, they were all HEAVY duty and made to contain much larger breeds! Time to visit our favorite store and see what we could figure out - HOME DEPOT.

After about two hours of wandering the aisles, we came across EXACTLY what we needed, amazing!


These small fence pieces came in 3 packs for $48 so we got two of them. Now we just need something to put on the ground. The landscape rock would be hard on their feet and it gets super hot in Arizona in the summertime. We found some artificial turf remnants that were priced cheap in the carpet/flooring department, $36 bucks!!!


It went together amazingly easy and it looks great, nothing at all like those big, bulky chainlink dog kennels that cost a fortune. Besides, it is really just temporary, after the construction is finished they will be free to ram again.


Overall our kids seem pretty happy with the results, we put some large rocks and some garden figures out for them to take care of business on, (dogs have to pee on something, it just their nature), and finished off with a few zip ties on the fencing for added stability.



Looks like they have made themselves at home and enjoying themselves! Sometimes you just have to think a little outside the box to find the right solution!

Hope you pet lovers enjoyed the post, have a great day!

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