Tommy the panther (cat)


So this is Tommy, our pet cat. I know right, not much thought went into his name tom cat = Tommy but he is a beloved member of the family. I have to admit I'm not much of a cat fan and we didn't buy him or had him gifted.

He once ended up in our back yard as skin and bones, a stray just making his way in the world. I felt really bad for him and gave him some lamb roast and ever since that night he hasn't left. It was quite a few years ago, easily 10 and I have no idea how he is.


I don't think photos do him much justice either, he's quite a big boy compared to the typical cat. A point of commentary when people visit "oh my look at the size of your cat.


Lil miss 4 was only just bigger than him at the age of 3 🤣 to think he nearly didn't make it. A few years with him around he went missing and we thought he might have gone back home. After about two weeks we got worried and went to the animal shelter and there he was, had we been a day later he would have been euthinised.

We copped a fine for an unregistered cat and he had to get knackered, I was pissed $300 for saving an animals life.


I don't think he ever knew how close he was to becoming a dim sim but he was greatful that we got him out of the cage at the animal shelter. The moment he saw us he called out, I was surprised I didn't think I had much of a bond with him. All he ever did was pop around for dinner and then knick off again. He knew we were there to save him, indeed we did.


He helps out around the house quite alot which is greatful, a few yes back they demolished an old grain silo which sat filled with grain but unused for over a decade. The mice plague it unleashed on the surrounding suburbs was enormous. Tommy kept us clean which was great.


He was pissed when we brought Bella our Golden Retriever home, he wasn't happy at all.


It took him a whole four weeks to also get over the fact that we had a baby, he took off and wasn't seen for four whole weeks. I regularly checked in at the pound but he was never there. He was registered so if located would have been returned.

He didn't even come home for dinner, we thought the worse at one stage.

Than one day he knocked on the front door meowing to let him in, he walked right up to the baby stuff and commenced rolling in it. I guess it was his way of saying I'm sorry I accept the baby.

He's alot older now, starting to miss teeth and just chills around the house but he's become one of the family. Ol bloke even comes up to sit on my lap and for a scratch from time time.


He's even been quite accepting of our growing household getting in on all the action 🤣

He's a great cat or as others say, panther.