Hungry dog ​​in our house!

Hello all animal lovers.I hope everybody is having a great day.Today I am going tell you about our pets animal in our house.Today I am posting about the first pet in this community.

Friends, you know I am Md Aminul Islam from Tangail district of Bangladesh.Our villages name is Gorashin.We have two dogs in our houses backyard.That two dogs sit all the time.We didn't buy that two dogs from market.Where did they come from.They have been in our house for a long time.Now two dogs have become our pets.I love those two dogs.They seem to be hungry all the time.Two dogs are always sitting in our houses backyard, and they look at us all the time.

So friends, I am a nature lover.And I am a bird and animal lover.So I take good care of those two dogs in our house.I understand when they are hungry.When they are hungry, then I give food for them.So recently one afternoon when I was eating.Then the dog was looking at me.I realized then that he was hungry.


I was eating rice with chicken.So when I saw the dog looking at me.Then I gave him some chicken meat.I understand that he is happy to get chicken meat.Then my mind wanted.I'll take some pictures of this two dog.And I will share the pictures with you.Then I took some pictures of those two dogs.I took pictures with my used smartphone camera.In the picture you can see the two dogs in our house.You can also see a dog eating chicken meat.

Some talk about this dog in our country,


The two dog you see in the picture.There are many more dogs of this breed in our country.However, these dogs are neglected.And they are always hungry.People in our country do not look at these dogs.But not all people are the same.Some people love these dogs.Some people keep these dogs at home.I always try to take care of the animals.So now we keep these two dogs at home.


So friends, let us all be kind to animals.Let's stop hurting them.Let's try to take care of them always.And let's try to feed the hungry animal.


All pictures captured by me.
Device: Walton
Model: Primo N4
Lens: 3.62mm f/1.8
Location: Tangail, Bangladesh.

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