Tired and pretty in my wardrobe


Hello, pet-lovers! Meet Swallow, the last cat that joined our family making a great entrance. She was kind of untameable at first, but she now allows herself some moments of relaxing without being on guard.

I understand that a cat needs her time to get used to a new place, and especially when she is already an adult. I have always been confident that she will get along with us with a lot of love and care. She is now in our house for six months and I am really proud of the progress she has done so far. She still has her moments of acting virulently with us or with my other cats. Anyway, it's a great thing that I can take it now in my arms, considering that she used to be kind of scared when approaching her and her instincts were to be aggressive.

Swallow gives us a lot of joy and she somehow made us being prepared for her. She is a mix of being pushy and craving for love somewhere deep inside. We have a cat that also came to our house as an adult, but she is completely different from Swallow. She is very affectionate and gentle. But wait, she has also been untameable at the beginning and she has already passed one year with us.

Every cat has its own personality and it is a gift for us to be part of their world. With patience, love, and care I do think that we can definitely make a change in their life. And I didn't think any other way than being sure that one day Swallow will open up and will accept our love and will feel much more comfortable with us. I think this photo is proof of it.

Best regards! 😻

Maylena ❣️

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