The felon who crushed my TV


Hi everyone! I just one to expose TAZ, my 1-year-old boy who broke the TV last night and is now kind of petting me to excuse his behavior.

I have heard something crashing in the middle of the night but I have thought he is just him being natural. Well, in the daylight I almost couldn't believe my eyes when I have seen the new family TV crushed. The screen is quite damaged in one corner...I didn't have the guts yet to check if the TV is still working. We are not usually watching TV, but I decided to buy a Smart TV for my grandpa to enjoy himself.

We have had the TV for 1 year and he was ok with it until lately. I guess his hormones run crazy these days after he recently went through castration.

However, the name of my tomcat says a lot about how he generally behaves. When I named him Taz, I thought of the Tazmanian Devil, as a ''gift'' for his attitude šŸ˜…

On the other side, I should have put my TV in a more secure place, to avoid this kind of event. My fault in fact...can't truly blame Taz for it.

Finally, after being a bit mad in the morning, I love Taz way too much to cry about the TV šŸ˜ø


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