Hi everyone!

Yesterday we had a small anniversary - a year has passed since we had a cat in our house.


She's a foundling. Found the kitten looked bad. He was thin and shabby. But I already wrote about how we found Nana, so I will not repeat myself.

This is her first photograph taken by us:

кошка худвя.jpg

The photo is of poor quality, but I left it as a keepsake.

For a year, the kitty has changed a lot. From a little wretch she turned into a body-positive lady with high self-esteem! An ingratiating glance appears two or three times a day when she gets hungry, and the rest of the time she looks down on us

rjirf vjltkm.jpg

Although, on her face, you can catch other emotions.

Sometimes she is the embodiment of laziness:

еошка на кресле.jpg

And sometimes she looks like a woman tortured by life:

кошка сутулится.jpg

Sometimes, she just doesn't understand where she is:

кошка сидит.jpg

Sometimes this world endlessly surprises her:

rjirf lehjxrf.jpg

And recently she turned into a worm cat:


But overall she is a beauty!

Thank you all for your attention, comments and supervision!

P.S.: To translate the text into English, I used Google translator. I am sorry for possible mistakes.

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