Goldie's day and September PUD Guessing Contest Answer

Goldie's Day

I'm bored...Something looks interesting up there
I'm gonna take a closer lookReady.....
Jump .....Made it!!!!

The view is much better up here

Target identified! Target identified!Heading straight over
Got to make sure I look cool first...What shall I say to this Cutie
Gee... really nervous nowI'll try to look cool and stroll in front of Cutie
Oh no!!! Cutie is ignoring me.How can someone not love me?
Suit yourself, if you want to be stuck up. I'm offNope, you've had your chance, don't beg me to stay now!!!
Mmmm... that didn't go wellGonna look for greener pastures

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September PUD Guessing Contest Answer

This month's PUD Guessing Contest was to ask you to guess how many carriages this train has. I counted it on the day (of course!!!!) but sadly I can't prove it, so you will just have to trust me. I mean, why wouldn't you 😎 😃


The answer is 8️⃣

There were 4 people who guessed correctly this month.

Congratulations to you all, you will share the 5 HBD, and I'll double @dodovietnam and @ablaze prize to 2.5 HBD as you powered up.


Once again, thanks to everyone who popped by to my monthly PUD Guessing Contest, I hope to see you again in the October one.

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