Jack Russell Terrier personality


Hi there! continuing the topic about the Jack Russell, let's talk about his personality and it is that since you see a standing Jack you know that he is not a very calm specimen.
On the contrary is an energetic, cheerful dog, you can keep him busy if you assign him a task or work since they are tireless. He really enjoys being in company but they are still very independent., they love to dig, they are agile hunters especially they like to hunt rodents. His hunting desire combined with their high level of energy, makes it essential that they training.


Many will think Excellent! It is just the pet I need at home to end pest problems, but beware! you should not be confused if they are not educated properly, they can become a real headache. Their natural hunting instinct will lead them to go after almost anything that moves nearby. They could chase a hamster, a cat or any other pet that you have in your home if it is not taught to live with them. Of course, once trained they are the most faithful friends you can find.


Don't forgets they needs a lot of exercise- so it is ideal for them to live in homes with a large backyard where they can explore, run, hunt and sniff. If it stays indoors, you should take him out for walks hiked, also enjoys going out on hikes or playing the fetch game. This is not the breed for you, if you prefer a dog that sits peacefully on the couch all day.


In the previous post I introduced to Chanel my Jack Russell Terrier and with her I will continue in each of the posts commenting on this breed and its characteristics. Like all Jack Russells he loves to play always, at all times and never gets tired. So I had to set play times for her so she would learn to be calm because otherwise she could become an anxious dog.


He took her out for walks every day at the same time, which she loved the most because she could smell everything and play. Something important that I learned with her is that when giving orders you must give it to her with an energetic voice and that it differs from the game voice because otherwise she will not take you seriously.


Her natural hunting instinct makes her be alert to any noise and this can sometimes be a problem because if I don't educate her properly she could bark tirelessly for anything. What did i do about it? I distracted her with something that caught her attention like his black game saucer and thus prevented it from becoming an annoying situation.


If you want to know more about chanel and the dogs of her breed, wait for my next publication, I assure you that it will be to your liking if you want to learn more about the Jack Russell Terrier. ¡Bye!
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