Missing My Loveliest Ever Cat "Himu"

“I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul.” – Jean Cocteau

A cat is a lovely creature that makes you mesmerize. Cats were my best friend during the Corona pandemic. I had two cats during the difficult times of the pandemic when people were living lonely lives. If you have a pet during such difficult times, you can spend some time playing with the animals, which will relieve some of your depression. Keeping yourself calm during difficult times is the hardest thing to do.

The cat I am going to tell you about today was one of my best friends during the Corona pandemic. I named him "Himu". My elder brother found Himu in his office. When he found the cat, the cat was hungry and very weak. My brother brought him home because the cat was very small and it was likely to die from lack of food.

After bringing Himu home, my mother took good care of him. She used to give him food from time to time. As Himu grew up slowly he became quite healthy and became a favorite of our family. We considered him like a family member. Due to Corona, I had to stay at home many times, And while at home I used to play with Himu a lot of times. His funny moves entertained me a lot.

Even though I am a cat lover and it's difficult for me that I lost Himu one day due to some of my mistakes. My cat suddenly fell ill one day. I took him to the doctor. I was giving him medicine as per the doctor's prescription. Suddenly one morning Himu fell very ill and was not eating any food. I thought maybe he would eat when he recovered a bit, but He died that evening. It was a difficult moment for me. I couldn't believe that Himu would die at such a youthful age.

He lived a little more than 1 year. I often feel pain thinking about Himu. If I could have taken more care of Himu then maybe he would not have had to accept such a tragic end. May the cat go to heaven. He was the cutest cat I ever had. I often miss him when I see Himu's pictures when I take a tour of my gallery. Although cats are speechless animals, they like to be around people and want their love. Even to humans, these animals seem like one of the members of the family. That's why cats are the reason for many of our mesmerizing moments. I will never forget Himu's memory.

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