Zoey Mixed of Shih Tzu and Dachshund Breed

Hi there #hivepets community for todays content let me share with you my pet our pet Zoey a female cross breed of Shih Tzu and Dachshund. She just turned turned eight years old last month. Every afternoon Zoey gets out from her cage to have a pee and poop at the same time and it takes takes about more or less ten minutes after that she is allowed to stay outside her cage for a couple of minutes before she eats her dinner. While waiting for her dinner I decided to took photos of her, and seems Zoey had a photogenic portraits after all. Check out these portraits of her below.


Sometimes when Zoey is going for a morning stroll, we found it funny because people we bump into sometimes mistakenly identified Zoey as Golden Retriever breed but in dwarf version as they say. Maybe because of her hair color and her frizzy hair that incorporates to Golden Retriever breed.


Shot using Nikon D5600 with Nikon 40-150mm Lens

Above photos were all captured by yours truly 📸@jayparagat

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