A Visit To Prince Edward's Pet Market


October 12, 2022

Popular by its name, Prince Edward is a busy small place in the Kowloon district. There isn't a day that the streets aren't crowded. With or without the pandemic, people still like visiting this place. People regarded it as part of Mong Kok city as it only has a small space, geographically, but enough to put in a few of the popular markets in Hong Kong.
There are three street markets popular in this place: the flower market which I featured in one of my posts, a street market for general merchandise, and the pet market.

You can see how dense this place is in the photo below. I was able to walk along the Pet Market one weekend after buying personal stuff near the place since I needed to pass through here going to the bus stop and train station. This wasn't my first time passing through this street, but it was my first time checking every pet shop in this Pet Market.


This is popularly known as Goldfish Market, and from the name itself, you can tell what kind of pets are being sold here. However, I visited other stalls along this street, and there were other kinds of pets as well, not just goldfish.


Chinese have a lot of auspicious beliefs and they consider some pets lucky for them as well. But Hong Kong houses are similar to condominiums with limited spaces, so only a few kinds of pets are allowed to be raised at home. Those pets are in this market.


When you think of Chinese, you will think of koi fish and goldfish as lucky fish pets for them. These two are always linked to Fengshui culture. They believe that these will bring good fortune and prosperity to anyone who will take care of goldfish or koi fish at their homes.


The glowing goldfish in different varieties and other tropical fishes inside several aquariums serve as attractions in this market. So even those non-shoppers and just passers-by are amused by these aquariums.


Small and big goldfish and koi fish can be found in this market. This is probably the biggest pet market in Hong Kong. You will notice that most fishes are in the colors gold, yellow, red, and orange because they all symbolize money, and fish symbolizes abundance. So if you have goldfish at home, it's like creating more money at home.


Fishes in plastic bags

Fish aren't just stored inside aquariums, there are hundreds, probably thousands of plastic bags of gold fishes hung outside several shops to attract more customers and are ready to take home, of course, after paying for them. Each plastic has corresponding numbers which indicate the price.


This is a convenient way for customers to easily choose their preferred kind of fish.


Some are inside plastic bottles and buckets.


There is a disadvantage to this set up though. I have seen some dead fish inside plastic bags. Those probably do have not enough oxygen or were not properly packed. They may look cute but are actually pitiful inside those plastic bags. They seem like begging the customers to be taken home.


Aquarium Accessories and Decorations

Since there are fish, there are corals, freshwater plants, fish food, aquarium decorations, and accessories too.

Freshwater plants for aquariums

Colorful rocks, corals, shells, pebbles, stones

Other pets in the market

Aside from fish, Chinese people also love furry pets. In fact, some young couples would prefer to pet dogs or cats, then raise real kids, lol. I know a lot of couples here who prefer to take care of kids than create their own babies. Probably, more are into petting furry animals than fish nowadays, especially since they last longer and are easier to pet.

The furry pets that are usually taken care of by the Chinese people include:

Dogs. These cute baby dogies inside huge tanks are waiting to be taken home by customers. They look pitiful inside those thanks actually.



There are cats too and these are too cute, especially the sleeping ones.



A giant lop rabbit was busy playing with its wooden coiled rope inside its tank.



Not just fish and furry pets are here, but also some amphibians and reptiles such as turtles, lizards, geckos, toads, crickets, salamanders, and others.


Along this market are also different tea shops, restaurants, and cafes, and on the opposite road is the street market for general merchandise. The shop below is koi fish inspired. You can tell from its name, Koi.


So even without buying, you will definitely enjoy walking along this pet market.

Since @friendlymoose is currently holding a #POBPhotocontest with the theme "Pets," I would like to submit this as my entry.

(All photos are mine)


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