My Progress on Rescue Cat Project so far :)


_This is so far our progress, maybe down the road, it may need some modification for this to work out. _
_I asked my brother @eastmael for help in making the Hive Arduino Javascript code to read the transfer from the Hive stream and make an adequate action on it using Arduino. I admire the patience and effort spent on this code.

_This was originally Cereal Dispenser that was customized for the cat feeder.

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_The command prompt I am running for the Node JS to test the code forever(almost) :D


Recently I have posted my plan of doing a project called Cat Rescue Project which you can see in my two posts here and here

In a nutshell, the Cat Rescue Project is about helping stray cats by feeding them and also watching them while on livestream.

It is a project out of love for cats. The project's goal is on rescuing stray cats by feeding them using a Robot feeder called Arduino which can be watched on live streaming media platforms.

As of June 5, this is my progress in doing this project. Everything here is a DIY so I bet you can realize that the struggle is real :))

One headache that still concerns me is the USB cable that shows the error Unknown error code 433, if you have an idea how to resolve this I will really do appreciate your help. I need a long USB cord to connect my computer server outdoor which I guess needs more research.

We are inviting you if we can brainstorm with some of our ideas on our community on Discord, if you have a chance please feel free to join us, we will be glad to see you there.

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