Holidays at home


August 2 already!

Time flies so fast! And now my partner has already completed his annual summer vacation… After he reluctantly went back to work this morning, it was time for me to pick up my blockchain activities more.

Of course I just wrote the posts for LBI in recent weeks. I've also been working on the Bro Newspaper, but I haven't actually read almost anything, nor have I written any blogs for myself.

Collect new material

The plan was actually to collect a lot of material during this holiday to be able to write nice new blogs, because throughout the year I don't go to so many other places than I do every day in the woods with the dogs. And that's just not the best option for me to bring my camera with me… Unfortunately, Skipper is not the same dog as Rowan. Nothing against my great friend Skipper, but for him the walking is often still too exciting, so I need both hands for him much more often. He can't really let go either because he doesn't stay with me in the event of unexpected events, but goes by what he sees. And safety first, so I usually leave my camera at home…

Before this holiday I had made a number of plans to do with my partner, and if that could have gone ahead ... I would now have been enthusiastically editing photos and writing many blogs about it. But yes, there is a big difference between “Planning” and “Doing”.

A difference between "PLANNING" and "DOING"

And that is unfortunately also the case this time, because although there were enough plans, the reality turned out very differently because of several things. The first week of my partner's holiday, we FINALLY had nice weather. And we took advantage of that beautiful weather to refurbish the garden and to make various additions to the house, where the wood lathe has found its place. We have tackled a number of chores that have been waiting for a while, in short, just refurbished things in and around the house. Because that too must happen…

The second week would be different, and we had picked out a few nice destinations where we could go ... Since you still have to take everything into account because of Corona, that's also a thing, and we didn't want to go inside locations. So a zoo and an outdoor garden showroom 22 hectares, that was the idea. With three dogs in the house, we usually choose things in the neighborhood to go to so that we are not out together from early morning to late evening. Because we both have the same idea about that…the dogs shouldn't suffer because of it. They are no longer used to having to be alone all day, and that doesn't mean they can't do it for a day. But it is not necessary. And I wouldn't like it for them either, because to be honest ... that we have chosen the dogs has consequences. We can't quickly ask someone to take them out. That just doesn't work with shepherds guarding their home. Sure, they'd let the person, who would let them out, come in while barking loudly. But that person wouldn't be able to get out… So that's not an option. And to say that they have to sit alone all day… hmmm, no. That does not work. How would you like it if you can't go to the bathroom from 8 in the morning to 10 in the evening? That's right, so that's really no different for dogs. They also want and must be able to relieve themselves. And since they live indoors with us, you don't want them to do it in the house, out of necessity.

The trips we wanted to make could be done in half a day or maybe a little longer. But it certainly doesn't take a whole day. So ideal. And it would still provide a lot of material for me to write about. But other than that, it would mainly be a positive impulse again, and some food for my mind that has been really getting too little stimulation lately.

Living in the countryside is nice, the peace and quietness is wonderful. But sometimes it's all a little TOO quiet.

I would work on getting the mental input again this holiday. LOL. Unfortunately, the weather decided to change completely. And we had to deal with new downpours every day, depressing gray days and even a rather cold temperature for this time of year…

No weather that invites to make the desired trips

In short, not really weather that makes you happy in your SUMMER vacation. And certainly no weather that invites to make the trips we wanted to make. It doesn't feel right at all to walk through the pouring rain in a zoo with an expensive camera, or to visit the garden showroom while the rain is pouring from the sky. So, unfortunately, the plans for the trips have literally been washed away with the heavy rain. And as a result, my partner did have 2 weeks of vacation… but for me there was actually very little change in my normal daily life.

My body is not tired, but my mind needs to be recharged. I need a change of scenery, positive impulses to regain my inspiration. And yes, because of all the things that have been going on since Corona, and because of the incredibly bad summer we have been experiencing so far, I feel the 'rut' of always being home maybe now harder than usual. But hey… it is what it is.

Except I wasn't alone during the day, other than spending less time online it wasn't that different from all the other days this past year.

And I'm actually just ready for "VACATION"


Have you already had your holiday this year? And how was your holiday?

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