When my my new friend goes hunting

In one of my most recent posts, I talked about how I met a new friend - a cute little male cat - where I usually observe my daily prayers and how my family will not approve of it, let alone bring it home. Well, the good news is that I and my new friends have been seeing one another away from my home. So, I have decided to name him PROXY, since I can only have him away from home.

One unusual thing about Proxy though, is that I hardly see him during the day - only at nights. I can easily count the number of times I have seen him during the day with a few tips of my fingers. Why he just disappears during the day only to come and be all over me during the night prayers remained a mystery to me until this fateful day - the day I took the image below:

Almost a perfect camouflage for Proxy

It took me a while before I saw him on the fence from afar, during the day. Proxy blended quite well with the fence in what could qualify as almost a perfect camouflage. Trying not to disrupt whatever mood he was in, I zoomed-in my iPhone 6S phone camera and took another shot as shown below.


Up and close. Blending with the background

Apparently, it seems he was in a hunting mode because his body language/movement pointed to that fact. The scenario I witnessed jolted me back to the fact that cats, just like every other animal in the Felidae family, are born hunters. Many of us do not know, or have forgotten this fact, simply because the domesticated cats that we are used to are often catered for in terms of food and other needs by their owners.

The lifestyle of Proxy can be described as semi-domesticated. That is, the owner feeds him occasionally and allows him to wander freely virtually all the time. Being a natural hunter, Proxy will usually go out to hunt for food and will only come home to eat if the hunting session is not successful.


That was before anyway. Recently, the owner of Proxy got angry with him because he stole a couple of meat. Proxy was given a serious beating that has since made him stay away from home. Hence, he has to resort to hunting for survival. I did not know this fact until a few days ago. In actual fact, Proxy hardly take food from anyone now, perhaps due to the traumatizing effects of the beating he took from his owner.


Looking for prey

Cats are supposed to be largely carnivorous, just like their wild counterparts but it seems domestication is making them evolve in their diet. I was a bit surprised when I asked about what they eat and the answer was that they eat virtually everything that humans eat. Could it be that they have evolved to be omnivorous just like us? it may seem so.


searching the environment for preys

Cats generally hunt first by observing their environment for potential prey. Once they locate a prey of interest, the next thing they do is pounce on their subject, capturing and killing it in the process. Thereafter, they manipulate their way into the prey and then consume as much as their fill would take.


seems Proxy has seen something that interests him


Time to pounce?


I have tried a couple of times to get food for Proxy since the day I saw him trying to hunt but it seems he's well-fed each time and always overlook the food. The carnivorous lifestyle seems to be dominating his appetite for now.

Thank you all for reading.


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