Scoopin' Oot The Flamin' Poop And Marveling At Hyumi Fascination

This is the kind of post that most Hyumis - for reasons strange to us Dawgs - seem to turn their noses up at. However I'm sure any Dawgs reading this will understand and be MUCH more sympathetic to the subject matter under discussion here.

As a concession to delicate Hyumi sensitivities, I'm only going to include one image and it is an image of me I'll have you know! Ha, imagine one of you Hyumis posting something similar about your sojourn on that contraption you call a 'throne'? Doesn't bear thinking about does it now, so please just sit back and admire my bravery in posting a pic of myself just as I'm about to drop.


I spent my first 9 months in the remote hills of SW Portugal and hardly wore a collar in all that time. I learned not to poop in certain places like our tent or the potato patch or near the water supply - but otherwise I pooped in hills, woods or wherever and nobody seemed upset.

Of course I also had my puppy phase of poop fascination and even ingestion - but the less said about that on a Hyumi BLOCKchain the better methinks - don't want you to puke up over your fancy sMacbooks and fartphones now eh!?

When Barge told me that he'd be scooping my poop when we got to Scotland I flat out didn't believe him and wondered why he was talking such bullshit....I mean, was he nuts or WOT? It just wasn't credible!

I was still an inexperienced lil' puppyDawg when we left Portugal in the Summer of 2020. Barge hadn't yet started his career as Pooper-Scooper with his current perpetual and never-ending supply of little plastic bags. In fact when travelling through fancypants Spanish pilgrim city, Burgos - I dropped an enormous double sausage on a cobbled street in front of some shiny towering buildings in the middle of town. We just walked on whistling and chuckling to ourselves - Naughty naughty!!

After the Burgos jobbie was abandoned I kinda knew that Barge was most defo joking about scooping my poop in Scotland and I didn't puzzle over it much more.

However surprise surprise, I turned out to be completely and utterly wrong. Barge was right after all - he woofin' scoops my poops yo - and what's more, most Hyumis over here seem to do that too!

He doesn't do it every time of course. Barge's logic is to scoop my poop from places where other Hyumis are likely to tread and/or curse the Pooper or the Hyumi that didn't scoop. Off piste is generally fine and if you search hard enough, I'm sure you'll find some Flamin' Turds decomposing nicely in the woods around here.


I know I'd said only one image in this post but I couldn't resist this one as it demonstrates
what I mean about Hyumi poop-fascination

So there you have it: although there's SO much more to add, I'll leave you with a Dawg's astonishment at the level of Hyumi interest in Dawggy poop! Whoda thawt it eh, especially when Hyumis tend to make such a drama and secrecy when they need to perform this important business themselves?

Flame @flamistan

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