Luna Is The Best Mother Out Of All The Cats In My House


Hello my dear friends…
In this post, i will share about my cats. This is Luna. The last time i made a post about cat is also about Luna. Maybe because her name is one of my most favorite thing in the world that i feel some kind of bias towards her compared to other cat. Luna means moon and i love moon so much. I think that moon is one of the most beautiful and enchanting thing in this universe. So, here i will still talk about Luna.


Luna just birthed 3 cute and healthy babies . In our household, we have more female cats compared to male cats. So, its no wonder almost every two month we always got some newborn kitties. Though it was like that, kitten are weak and its quite hard for them to survive. There is many case happened when the kitten still need their mom breastmilk, the mom is already pregnant so when the mom pregnant she usually doesnt want to breastfeeding the kitten again. Its sad when it happened. Especially if there is no other mother at the time. If there is another cat that birthed kittens, usually we can just move the kitten that getting abandoned by her mother to get breastmilk from the other cat mother. We have one cat like that, her name is Mini. She always getting pregnant and leave her babies to die. I think that she doesnt have any surviving kids even if she’s birthed out every time. We’re so annoyed at her.


I saw that Luna is different than Mini. Luna always take care of her babies. She never getting pregnant while she’s breastfeeding too. More than that, she actually have surviving kids. She also always stay near her babies and never go far away from them even for a bit. I like that she gets protective of her babies. She always clean her babies too.





Look at this cuties. They’re so cute when they’re like this. But, i can already saw one naughty kid between this triplets. She kept pushing her siblings and even squeeze her sibling. She didnt even need to do that so i wonder why she did that. Lol. But they’re so cute. I often go out of the house just to watch them playing around. Its such a way to relax my mind.



I hope that Luna will continue to be a good cat mother to their babies and all of their babies to grow up healthy. We didnt named them yet because it will be too confusing and tiring to name every baby. We rather wait till they’re bigger then named them.

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