A day out with my two dogs

I don't know if your dog likes going outside? My two dogs, Meo Meo and Ba Du really love to hang out. I trained them to ride motorbike since they were just little puppies so they are always excited to ride on motorbike. You have to see their faces when riding a motorbike to understand how much they love to ride motorbike. Once they even scratched the saddle of my motorbike because they wanted to ride. And you may not believe it, but they have amazing balance when riding a motorbike, of course we also need to drive carefully, especially when going through bends.


Meo Meo is the one sitting in front of me, and Ba Du is the one sitting behind me



My wife and I often take them out when we have free time, and that's what our dogs have always wanted. I can see how their mood changes whenever they go out. When they hear my 'go out' signal, they can instantly become excited and happy even when they are sad or sleepy. And they don't seem to care much where we are taking them to. Maybe the only thing they care about is riding a motorbike and being outside. Their joy is simple, isn't it? Sometimes I think we have too many pursuits in life, which makes us unhappy





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