Hello friends, today I join this initiative of hive pets community with their Stories Of Our Little Angels CONTEST created to remember how much we appreciate and miss the pets that unfortunately are no longer with us.


Our pets, being part of our family, always come to occupy a space in our hearts and when the time comes for them to leave, they leave a void in our lives.
All my life I have had many types of pets so I have a long list of pets that have passed away but today I am going to remember my dog Orion.
He was a mongrel dog that was given to me when I was a teenager in the year 2000, I remember that the dog's mother that time gave birth to a litter of 9 puppies, they were not very pretty but I wanted to get a dog because the year before I had lost the one I had because it was hit by a car.
The day came and I took the puppy home, and I named him orion was the name of a rottweiler dog famous at that time in my country that had rescued several people when the tragedy occurred in Vargas state due to the floods the year before.


At the beginning he was not welcome because my house was not suitable to get a big dog but as time went by orion won the affection of all the members of my home.
In spite of his menacing appearance orion was a very calm and docile dog, very energetic, he loved to run and play, he loved water and long baths.
He was a great companion wherever I went he wanted to go with me. As the years went by at the end of 2011 I noticed that his energy and vigor was decreasing and I attributed that to his age because he was already 11 years old.
At the beginning of 2012 one day orion was in a state that he could not stand up and had lost his appetite, I took him to the vet and he was diagnosed with heart failure, from there he only lived one more week.
He died at the age of eleven, you can imagine the emptiness in my life after sharing more than a decade with your pet, the habit of care and reciprocal affection that dogs offer you.

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The photos are from 2011 on a trip to the river where he enjoyed playing and bathing.


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