Australia: 'Freedom Passes' Now Required To Live Life...

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Despite having a very low level of COVID cases compared to the rest of the world, Australia continues to force the population into ever more draconian submission.

The new policy in the Northern Territory is right out of a dystopian science fiction comic from previous generations.. but this time it is real.
The governmenf of the NT state has declared that people will be able to apply for a 'freedom pass' if they survive the experimental covid shots and decide they want to live somewhat normally.
Numerous states in Australia have already implemeted ludicrous levels of control that are not backed up by science or rational logic, but this new move not only demonstrates coercion into having an experimental medical procedure (which is technically illegal), but also smacks of the Chinese communist social credit system whereby human rights are removed for 'bad behaviour'.
These politicians seem to think that it is their place to dictate human behaviour for everyone else, but that is not the spirit of democracy in any way whatsoever.
When more people are dying from the shots in Australia than from the disease and people continue to drop like flies internationally from the shots - every sane person must look closely and take action now.

You are not a drone. You are a divine being who is heavily conditioned to reject your own power and hand it to mediocre thinkers.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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