"Key whistleblowers continue to emerge"

US Health Service Whistleblowers - Deaths from COVID19 Jabs are Being Covered Up - Project Veritas

Project Veritas has just released part 1 of a US Medical system whistleblower exposing, among other things that adverse reactions and deaths from the COVID19 vaccines are not being reported and are being covered up - possibly in large numbers.

The testimony of U.S. Health and Human Services [HHS] Insider, Jodi O’Malley, who works as a Registered Nurse at the Phoenix Indian Medical Center in Arizona, completely tallies up with my numerous recent posts exposing the potentially grossly misrepresented safety data for the experimental covid shots.

More to come from Project Veritas soon. Note: they are concerned that these videos will get them totally deplatformed from silicon valley Web 2.0 sites, so please share the 3speak link from the Web3.0 Hive blockchain to ensure future access to this material.

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