Extensive German Legal Investigation Into COVID19 Reaches Disturbing Conclusions.

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The investigative Berlin Corona Committee which has been investigating the facts surrounding COVID19, including testimony from over 150 world experts has reached it's conclusions...

As my regular readers will know, I have written numerous articles on many of the points being made by German lawyer, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, in this video. A summary of his points are as follows:

  • Deliberate panic was engineered by governments.
  • No excess mortality existed prior to vaccine rollouts.
  • COVID19 measures were never about health. There is no pandemic, only a treatable disease that is equal to a bad flu.
  • Governments are not acting in the interests of the people, but for global corporations.
  • German judiciary and government are so controlled by corporations that they are incapable of enforcing the law honestly.
  • The PCR test is not approved for diagnostic purposes and thus is not capable of identifying infection in people.
  • The controls forced onto the population are legally invalid but a judge who declared this was targeted for investigation for trumped up criminality. Expert scientists in the case were also intimidated with home searches performed by government/police.
  • Corporations are planning to try to call for climate lockdowns, having primed the population by COVID19 lockdowns.
  • Research in Wuhan that probably led to SARS CoV2 was equal to bioweapons research.
  • The death rate from COVID19 equates to the death rate from flu.
  • Increased death rates were caused by medical malpractice in most cases.
  • Post mortems in Germany show that all who died from COVID19 were past life expectency age or had serious pre-existing disease.
  • Planning for the 'plandemic' has been ongoing for at least 10 years.
  • The WHO changed the definition of the word 'pandemic', enabling almost any common, annual disease pattern to be categorised as a pandemic - misleading the population.
  • The Swine Flu was the first attempt to carry out this power play on the planet. The swine flu vaccine killed many people but was withdrawn before massive rollout.
  • Professor Drosden, inventor of the COVID19 PCR test made false claims and his reputation is in question.
  • Asymptomatic COVID19 cases were claimed to be contagious when they are not.
  • Drosden himself had previously admitted that a positive PCR test was meaningless.
  • All COVID measures were based solely on completely meaningless PCR tests. The tests were guaranteed to create false positives by incorrect usage of Cycle Threshold values.
  • Informed Consent, enshrined in the Nuremberg Code, was bypassed with COVID19 experimental shots.
  • Effective non vaccine treatments have been surpressed.
  • The experimental shots are both highly dangerous and ineffective.
  • There are likely at least 500,000 deaths that have been caused by the experimental shots so far.
  • Bill Gates' activity in Africa led to the sterilisation of many women via vaccine rollouts.
  • Klaus Schwabb - head of the WEF - is enacting a plan to introduce a world government. Making a massive move for global centralisation in an orchestrated power grab called 'the great reset'.
  • COVID19 is part of a global move to shift all wealth into the hands of a tiny group of psychopaths - it is succeeding.

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